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train, railroad

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Railroad – Or the train is one of the most important symbols of dreams, which primarily reflects the attitude towards life, experiences, motivations, values, and goals. We can draw important conclusions about its personality and its further development, in other words, to know ourselves better. The circumstances surrounding the possible flow following specific interpretations:

- View other hand, has to do with intentions and plans, which will soon begin to realize. Sometimes it is a sign of separation from the loved person.

- Horse Railway announces that we will make fast progress towards their goals and plans.

- Getting out of the train at the station (train station) announces the achievement of the objectives. If, however, get off between stations, it probably will not achieve the intended purpose.

- Use the emergency brake on the train indicates that escaped our attention any obstacles and hazards that must first be removed to be able to get to your destination.

- Driving in tunnels is often the secret intrigues, misunderstandings and a lack of discernment. This results in the future lies even in the dark. If you are leaving in a dream of the tunnel, it means that we get insight and reference success.

train railroad dream train

train railroad dream train

- Being late for the train: probably missed the prime opportunity. If someone bothers us take the train, it means that there are fears in us inhibitions that hinder our lives.

- Falling into the train is the fear of the consequences of our own plans, or from her own motivations and desires.

- Train Express means that we should not be too hard to force changes in your life, because they can meet us trouble.