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soil – generally symbolizes becoming and passing away, the relationship with nature and life. Sometimes disclosed in this symbol of excessive respect for other people, coming to humility. The circumstances surrounding the interpretations can be derived as follows:

Digging in the soil indicates that we are able to understand themselves and their current situation in life only through the lens of past experiences, which are like roots. Following on from this, you can watch here a reference to the collective subconscious, in which all human beings are rooted – then described the symbol may be an invitation to be better studied and used your subconscious mind past experiences.

Eating soil (ritual custom in many primitive peoples) may herald the fulfillment of some longing. Often expressed here need strength and energy from nature.

Sitting or lying on the bare, hard soil is a warning ahead of the disease, which, however, we can still prevent a complete disaster or violent intentions “fetched from the clouds to the ground.”

Dark brown or black soil promises often worry and concern.

soil dream dictionary

soil dream dictionary


Exiting from the ground (eg from the grave) shows that based on their past experience, we can further develop in terms of psychological and mental. If in the dream we are squeezed or stretched to land on it, there is a fear that przygniotą our responsibilities and concerns.

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