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Fish – Fish symbolizes generally subconscious and content contained therein, which have a negligible impact on us. Often, the fish is also expressed too strongly repressed or denied sexual needs or the desire to have children. The circumstances surrounding the stem more specific meaning:

Catching fish can be a call for us to strive harder to self-discovery, to find inner harmony. It is also possibly the announcement of big success and financial gain.

Buying fish is interpreted in many ancient sennikach as a warning against deception of other people who, despite the apparent kindness should not be blindly trusted.



Fish, slip-proof hand is also a warning against flattery.

Fish that we feel as slippery to the touch and cold, often provide emotional coolness that cover the outer kindness. Such insincere behavior should be unlearned.

Receiving a gift of fish often warns against rumors, apparently fostered by people sympathetic to us.

Being swallowed by a fish has announced that feel threatened by some content of your subconscious that we are getting out of control. Sometimes in this way reveals a serious mental illness.

Rod, fishmonger and fish market are positive symbols that portend success and financial gain.

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