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Farm (farm) can symbolize a longing for the simple life surrounded by nature, but we should beware of illusions. Often, it is also an invitation to be better studied and developed his personality, and above all recognized and accepted at home symptoms of aggression, greed and desires, and then it changed.



  • Wendy

    Hi Its been almost 2 years now that I dream of Ox. Sometimes there’s many of them in the house, or only one. But they frighten me in the dream. Once it would be peeping at me from a window with its big eye or running after people. The dreams so often and find it too strange. Give me an idea of the dream. Thank You

  • Cathy

    Hi Wendy,
    In your dream you might be afraid of a strong masculine relative who has a dominating influence on you in your real life. He’s keeping an eye on you, while you’re trying to escape. This dream reveals your fears you want to get rid of.
    Take care, Cathy