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egg … This is one of the ancient symbols, also appearing in myths and religions. In general, the egg symbolizes creation, beginnings of life and the resurrection, which is reflected in the symbolism of Easter eggs. Easter egg too often read as a harbinger of financial returns, especially if you eat an egg in a dream. In regard to the personality narrower, it may mean the hidden features waiting for development. It follows a number of detailed meanings that depend on other factors in the story sleepy and on the individual situation. It should be taken into account mainly the following options:

egg View, possession or holding an egg in his hand is generally a sign of a successful future prospects and great successes.

Eating eggs egg promises to improve and provide the material basis of existence, sometimes improving health.

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Buying egg eggs mean that we should take active action to take advantage of a good opportunity.

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Colored egg egg usually warns against worries, concerns and diseases, and should take into account here the symbolism of the color.

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Egg Egg with chick often announces that we shall very successful in implementing the plans that we have recently ‘hatched’.

Dropping an egg is an egg that may cause us to quarrel and detraction, provoked an angry sometimes our own estate.

Egg Throwing rotten eggs at someone means someone inflict great injustice and we will be punished for it. If we do we are throwing on rotten eggs, we should be wary of falsehood and calumny of other people.

Broken egg shell egg is the announcement that they have suffered damage, probably by his own clumsiness.

Foam egg protein warns that we do not blow things artificially, or we ourselves not too much “inflation”, otherwise we will meet trouble.

Boiled egg or fried egg dishes promise happiness and success. Broken egg dishes warn niesnaskami home.

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egg see dream