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bandits – often symbolizes immature, uncontrollable sexuality, so there is more in the dreams of young men who can not even handle it, which causes them to uncertainty. They can also be sexual desires that we try to hide even from ourselves, because we seem to be “abnormal” and in reality in no way acceptable. […]


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Lighthouse, like light, it means that a particular situation will become clear when we understand something or know something, lighthouse warns of risk or danger in the event of carelessness that can lead us to disaster.

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Bank – To see a bank in your dream denotes your desires for financial security. The dream may be trying to offer reassurance and that your fears of financial instability are unfounded. To dream that you are robbing a bank signifies that you are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your […]

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bank – may symbolize a material influence, power, authority, and male sexual potency or warn against the abuse of these features or benefits, zchęcając the prudent and responsible management. If you make money in a bank, it may cause us damage in finance. If they pay over the money, it’s probably fulfilled some of our […]